Coronavirus & Your Mental Health

Published: 08/04/2020 By Andrew Bailey

Recent headlines have been dominated by Coronavirus and the government initiatives to counter its spread across the UK. With the initiatives understandably focussed on health the ongoing repercussions are being felt elsewhere in our working and personal lives. One of the key matters entwined with the changes is the unknown impact it will have on mental health. The current circumstances will inevitably cause distress and at turpin barker armstrong we are committed to supporting our staff, clients, contacts and local community however we can.

Mental health problems regularly arise with clients handled by our insolvency team and the relationship between mental health issues and financial problems is well known. At this time it is as important as ever that those in financial distress are supported as much as possible. We often refer clients to the excellent free resources offered by charities like MIND and encourage people to seek advice.

If you, your business or someone you know is suffering from financial difficulties then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are supporting many businesses during this time and welcome the opportunity to assist others when help is needed.