Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA)

One easy step to a new future is to talk to turpin barker armstrong about Individual Voluntary Arrangements.  Also known as an IVA, it offers individuals the opportunity to take back control of their lives and be debt free.  

An individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) is a process that is normally undertaken to avoid bankruptcy and allow a better return for the creditors than in bankruptcy.  An individual who is insolvent, or unable to pay their debts as they fall due, may put forward a proposal to their creditors for an IVA.

"Can't speak highly enough of TBA. They were recommended to us when we were at an all-time low with our financial problems. They were incredibly supportive and helpful in both guiding us through the individual voluntary arrangement application and the management of our ensuring agreement; to a conclusion. One of the things I particularly valued was that they treated us as responsible adults throughout the process. Self-esteem takes a blow when in debt many creditors are not friendly or helpful. So this kind of respect was highly valued."  
MR F - IVA Client 

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It is common that a proposal for an IVA will include the following provisions:

  •  That certain personal assets are sold;
  •  A lump sum payment;
  •  Payments over time; or
  •  Payments from third parties.

The benefits of entering into an IVA may include:
  • Avoiding bankruptcy
  • Certain assets not being sold, which would otherwise be sold in bankruptcy
  • Some of the restrictions placed upon a bankrupt not applying, including restrictions relating to income, trading businesses and incurring debts

In order to put forward a proposal for an IVA the individual should appoint a nominee, which would be a qualified insolvency practitioner, who will review the financial circumstances and provide a proposal to the individual’s creditors.

The proposal will include a recommendation as to whether or not creditors should accept the proposal for an IVA.

We at turpin barker armstrong can act as nominee for you.

An IVA proposal will be considered by creditors at a meeting and for the proposal to be accepted 75% of creditors who cast their votes at the meeting must vote in favour of the proposal.  If the proposal is approved it becomes binding on all creditors.

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Still not sure whether to get an IVA or perhaps you think a Bankruptcy might be best, take a look at our FAQ's page here

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