Informal Arrangements

We find that achieving a resolution on an informal basis can often result in the best outcome for all stakeholders.

Unfortunately in many cases we find that advice is sought too late so that an informal route is not possible.

We have written a series of blogs which go through the various informal options potentially available to a company that is struggling financially as alternatives to an insolvency procedure. However, early advice and action is usually always needed:

Informal Options : Arrangements with creditors

Informal Options : Debt Refinancing

Informal Options : Debt Consolidation

Informal Options : Factoring and invoice discounting

Informal Options - Personal Loan from Company Director

Informal Options - 3rd party funds in exchange for equity

informal arrangements from tba insolvency

The sooner we are contacted, the more options are available to ensure the best result for all parties including the following:

   - Avoidance of a formal insolvency procedure;
   - Better return for all stakeholders;
   - Reduced costs;
   - Affairs dealt with on a consensual basis;
   - Avoidance of legal proceedings and associated costs;
   - Preservation of relationships between stakeholders.

If you are struggling financially and not sure which way to turn to get things back on track, please get in touch. We have a number of informal options available that we can discuss to see which one would be most suitable to your current situation.

The sooner we are contacted the more options will be available, all meetings are confidential with no need to commit or sign anything. Please contact our office on 0208 661 7878 and our experienced staff will be able to assist you.  

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Let us give you some insolvency advice

We understand having financial stress in your life can be a worrying time, so we offer a free, confidential appointment to discuss your situation - putting you back in control of your life.  We can reassure you and guide you along the best path possible which may not be a formal insolvency route.  

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