Published: 30/11/2021 By Hannah McCormack

Today is apparently Giving Tuesday, we can’t speak for others, but we know we can’t keep up with all the specific days and trends that social media help to publicise nowadays, but this is one that fits in nicely with a donation we have just made.

A £100 donation from turpin barker armstrong has been gifted to the West Byfleet Junior School Parent Teacher Association (PTA). We have offices in West Byfleet where part of our Insolvency team are situated allowing us to provide insolvency advice throughout Surrey and surrounding areas. The PTA of West Byfleet Junior School contacted us requesting a donation for their Christmas Fair which is being held on Saturday 4th December. Any money they raise from their Christmas fair is going towards resources and materials for a well-being nurture hub designed to develop children’s personal growth and mindset to become effective and confident learners for life.
We hope our donation of £100 among others from the local community will enable the PTA to provide the school with the nurture hub.