Insolvency Service reminder about scams

Published: 08/06/2023 By Hannah Duncan

The Insolvency Service has issued a warning due to an increase in fraudulent activity stating fraudsters have been impersonating their members of staff! This has been in the form of emails, phone calls and letters.
Including recovery room scams, where scammers will try and contact someone that has recently been subjected to an investment scam, these scammers claim to be able to help individuals claim back the money they had already lost in the investment scam. Fraudsters will use the Insolvency Services details to make these fake recovery companies seem legitimate, such as copying the Insolvency Service logo, using similar email addresses and even spoofing (changing the caller ID) telephone numbers to the Insolvency Service.
The Insolvency service reminds us that if someone contacts you suggesting they are from the Insolvency Service but asks for a fee upfront it will be a scam. You may even get emails from members of staff that you had previously been liaising with, but the domain will look slightly different. As a reminder the correct email address from anyone at the Insolvency Service will follow the Government's official format of '' , the email address will not end in a or .com for example. 
You can check if any correspondence you have received is real by calling the Insolvency Service helpline on 0300 678 0015 or via their online contact form, you should also report any fraudulent emails, calls or letters directly to the Insolvency Service using the same details.
In addition to this, if you receive any type of communication from a fraudster, not just posing as the Insolvency Service, you can report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or visiting their website, they are open Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm.
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