Investors recovering lost funds after COVID

Published: 30/03/2021 By Andrew Bailey

There will be support for businesses and individuals going forward but inevitably at the other end of the scale there will be scams and fraud too.
When people are struggling financially they will become more susceptible to scams and it is important for people to remain vigilant. It is especially difficult when they are not familiar with the processes involved with insolvency such as dealing with the Redundancy Payments Service, the Official Receiver and The Insolvency Service.
I can see vulnerabilities for people in the future when dealing with grants, business interruption insurance, HMRC and any number of other Government support schemes.
Read the article below and I hope this topic can continue to get coverage so that those already in difficulty are not made to suffer further.

However if you have any worries please do not hesitate to give us a call, we will happily talk you through any of the insolvency processes and do not expect you to take up any of our insolvency services. First and foremost we are here to help and to guide you through any troubling times. We always prefer to try and rescue and turnaround a business but that is only possible if people come to us as soon as the first sign of difficulties occur.

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