Overhead projector gets trip to exhibition!

Published: 14/10/2021 By Hannah McCormack

Hannah and Jane in our marketing team attended the Woking Means Business Exhibition on Wednesday 13th October 2021, here's what Hannah had to say about the event.

I have never done an exhibition before but Jane and myself decided that as we'd been working from home for so long  we should get out and get the business name back out to the local area. But the thought of having a stand in an exhibition full of other businesses was very daunting!

"Its all about the prep" they said to us, so off we went to a training conference by Paul Webster from Webster Consultancy part of Woking Chamber of Commerce who took us through all the do's and don'ts of how to exhibit.  We came away with a ton of ideas and inspiration and set ourselves a to do list ready for the exhibition in a few weeks time.

Meanwhile as the days ticked on, we got booklets and stationery ready for the big day but we still hadn't come up with something to attract people to our stand; Paul had suggested we use cakes or chocolates. Then Jane came across an old overhead projector, she called me and said how about we use this for the exhibition and that was it, our lightbulb moment. Yes, absolutely I said!

Before we knew it the day of the exhibition was upon us, we had been to the venue the day before to set up and left everything ready to go including the well positioned overhead projector but a mix up in stands meant we unknowingly left the stand with no power and a very bright light. Now anyone who knows their overhead projectors knows that bright light is not going to do any presentation any favours!
On the morning of the exhibition, with no power we thought we were going to have to put the overhead projector back on the rubbish pile but instead we managed to get the show to kindly add in our missing power supply and hey presto the overhead projector was back in action again.

It then became our talking point as many people literally did a double take every time they walked passed our stand not believing their eyes!  "Surely that isn't an overhead projector....."  "I havent seen one of those in years!"

I instantly went from being apprehensive about talking to business owners to feeling totally at ease and remembering they are just people. Before the exhibition I was very focused on the fact I didn't know all the technical information about each department here at turpin barker armstrong when actually just chatting and getting to know other local businesses was far more valuable than just trying to go in with a "this is what we do" hard sell.

It was great to see so many different businesses at the expo and we hope to work with as many of you as possible.

Thank you to Woking Chamber of Commerce for organising such a great event despite how cold the room was!

If you are interested in any of the services we provide or how we may work with your business please visit our main website here

Below is a few photos of our stand and most importantly our overhead projector in all its glory!