Pay your tax or ask for help!

Published: 26/07/2021 By Jane Price

Cant pay your tax? From September 2021, if customers are unwilling to discuss a payment plan, or ignore HMRC's attempts to contact them, they may start the process of collecting the debt using enforcement powers.

As Government financial support schemes gradually come to an end, HMRC have published a policy paper titled Collecting tax debts as we emerge from coronavirus (COVID-19).

As the UK emerges from the pandemic and economic activity resumes, HMRC are re-starting debt collection work but say the message is simple: “if you can pay your taxes then you should do so – but if you’re struggling, we want to work with you to agree a plan based on your financial position”.

Our advice would be if you have any HMRC debt the key is to be open and honest with them.  We recommend that you take advice but be careful of scams. The current circumstances provide an opportunity for people to be taken advantage of so it important to speak to people you trust and get support from the right sources.

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