Increase in petition fees for Bankruptcy and Liquidation

Published: 06/09/2022 By Hannah McCormack

From 1st November 2022, the Insolvency Service will be increasing the petition deposit fee on both Bankruptcies and Company Liquidations.

Creditors wanting to initiate bankruptcy or compulsory liquidation proceedings through the court will have to pay a new, higher amount in order to initiate the process. The new fee, as usual, has to be paid upfront to seek the order.
The new deposit fees are as follows:

Current Fee
New Fee
Creditor's Bankruptcy petition deposit£990£1,500
Company Liquidation petition deposit£1,600£2,600

There is, however, no change to the fee when an individual applies for their own bankruptcy.
The deposit fee amount is used to part fund the process for the Official Receiver (OR) to cover their admin costs. Further costs incurred by the OR are ideally recovered through assets realised during the insolvency proceedings. If all the OR fees and costs are recovered from the realisation of assets, then the deposit will be returned to the creditor who initiated the insolvency proceedings. However, in most cases, there are insufficient assets to recover these costs.

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