Services to help you get back on your feet

We recognise that the business landscape is looking very different at the moment. Some business models will have changed dramatically.

Whilst the Coronavirus crisis has led to a ‘perfect storm’ of business challenges, our experts are here to offer practical support and advice to help you navigate through the current difficulties.

As the lockdown measures are adapted in the months ahead, it will be more important than ever before to receive assistance from expert, experienced business recovery advisors. We are able to offer practical support and also act as an impartial but knowledgeable sounding board, as you weigh up both your business and personal options – helping you to realise your short, medium and longer term objectives.

Businesses are now faced with facing various challenges in the months ahead and now is a good time to understand the options available in order to deal with the following:

  • Furlough scheme changes meaning that the employer will start contributing to employee costs;

  • The expected end of protection from statutory demands and winding-up petitions at the end of 2020;

  • Dealing with deferred VAT liabilities;

  • Being unable to access CBILs through high street banks and other lenders being too expensive;

  • The realisation that the existing business has historic burdens that it is unlikely to be able to carry going forward without initiating an insolvency process. Regularly this will include leases for underperforming premises or historic debts

  • Expectation that HMRC will begin enforcement activity again in due course;

  • Uncertain trading performance;

  • The withdrawal of protection for directors from wrongful trading in due course;

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The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly hit our economy hard. As businesses take a long hard look at where they stand financially, assess their future viability and try to work out what steps are needed to get back on track; the help of an independent expert can make all the difference.

We understand having financial stress in your life can be a worrying time, so we offer a free, confidential, initial appointment to discuss your situation, with the aim of putting you back in control of your life.

By seeking advice from a rescue and recovery specialist who has experience of helping businesses in financial distress, you will be in a position to review all available options and make the necessary changes.

Visit our Business Recovery and Turnaround page for more information

There are ways to protect your business from failing but you will need to take action fast, with our help and some forward planning you could get your business back on track.

Watch our video on how forward planning could help you: