Monthly UK insolvency statistics – July 2021

Published: 16/08/2021 By Jane Price

The following figures are part of a monthly series published by the Insolvency Services to supplement quarterly National Statistics, with the aim of providing more up to date information as we recover from the reprocussions of COVID-19.

Figure 1: Overall, since the start of the first UK lockdown the number of registered company insolvencies have remained lower than pre-pandemic levels, due to the lower number of compulsory liquidations however CVL's are now similar levels to pre-pandemic times.

England and Wales, July 2019 to July 2021, Not seasonally adjusted

There were 1,094 registered company insolvencies registered in July 2021 in England & Wales.

  • 13% higher than the number registered in the same month in the previous year (965 in July 2020), but
  • 24% lower than the number registered two years previously (1,442 in July 2019).

These figures are made up as follows:

Creditors Voluntary Liquidations = 1,007 (70% higher than July 2020 but the same as in July 2019)
Compulsory liquidations = 41 (77% lower than 2020 and 84% lower than 2019)
Administrations = 40 (78% lower than 2020 and 73% lower than 2019)
Company Voluntary Arrangements = 6 (65% lower than 2020 and 85% lower than 2019)

Detailed figures and information of monthly company insolvency data for England & Wales can be found at the Insolvency Service here

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