Monthly UK insolvency statistics – November 2022

Published: 20/12/2022 By Hannah McCormack

Here is the latest statistics of how many insolvencies took place in November, we compare this to the same month in previous years in order to give you an idea of how things have changed in the insolvency world since before and after the pandemic:

All the data is taken from the monthly stats created by the insolvency service.

As you can see from the graph below the numbers of insolvencies have been up and down in the last few months but overall they are still on the rise. This month we see a slight 4% rise in insolvencies compared to last month.

There were 2,029 registered company insolvencies in November 2022 in England & Wales

  • 21% higher than in the same month a year ago (1,676 in November 2021)
  • 35% higher than the number registered three years previously (pre-pandemic; 1,505 in November 2019)
  • 4% higher than last month - 1,948 in October 2022

These figures are made up as follows: 
Creditors Voluntary Liquidations = 1,595 (5% - higher than in November 2021 and 50% higher than in November 2019)

Compulsory liquidations = 290 (437% - 5.4 times higher than November 2021 and 7% higher than November 2019)

Administrations = 134 (44% higher than November 2021 but 11% lower than November 2019)

Company Voluntary Arrangements = 10 (same as November 2021 but 52% lower than November 2019)

Receivership = 0

Moratorium = the number remains at 40 between June 2020 & November 2022

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